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A great Idea!

About a year and a half ago, I accidentally stumbled across the IRFAK website. IRFAK had found a way of re-using human fatty tissue to produce food products. These food products should subsequently be used to relieve hunger in the Third World and thus prevent famine in the future.

I thought is idea was fantastic. Just imagine the possibility of processing the fat of all obese people in the so-called First World in order to relieve hunger in all countries where there is famine.

The first person to put himself at the disposal of this project would receive a free liposuction. Because the thought of eventually having fat removed from my belly had crossed my mind before, I immediately sent my specifications to IRFAK in Venlo. Because I live in Mönchengladbach, Venlo is just a short distance away. I do not know if and how many people have signed up for the project, but I have been chosen. Subsequently, a plastic surgeon has informed me extensively about the procedure and the possible risks, and IRFAK has offered me their support throughout the time before and after the procedure. The latter went without any problems and I also had no pain afterwards.

Meanwhile, the procedure has taken place a few weeks ago. I am more than satisfied with the results, and when I think about the fact that lives can be saved by using my fatty tissue, I think that is just fantastic.

Two, three generations ago, no one could ever imagine people landing on the moon. Today, a flight to the moon is hardly subject of common conversation.

That said, why wouldn’t it be possible to replenish the deficit in food products in certain places of the world in this way?

Marion Handtke


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