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IRFAK re-uses human fatty tissue. For you, its excess fat, we need it!
Become a fatty tissue donor and win a free liposuction!

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Van Gerven en Van Iersel Cosmetic Surgeons is a renowned institute for cosmetic surgery, with diverse locations in The Netherlands, and sister companies abroad.

We are proud to have joined cooperation with IRFAK and thus having the possibility of disposing of our “waste” in such a special way.

Because of our enormous prosperity, more and more people suffer of excess weight. We can imagine that if you have this excess fatty tissue, you want to get rid of it, for your own well-being. Now that we can re-use the removed material, there is a two-sided advantage.

· You become beautiful and attractive again. That way, you have a new chance at a pleasant life again.
· The people threatened by hunger can be freed from their suffering so that they have the chance at a pleasant life again too.

What used to be waste before can now be re-used as food. This way there is less waste and disposal costs can be reduced. This advantage is donated to IRFAK.

Do not hesitate any longer if you want to get rid of your excess fatty tissue. Make an appointment with us today, we are pleased to inform you and offer an honest advice. Should you decide in favor of the procedure, you can count on our expertise.

We are glad to be of assistance.


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