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Fat to Food Recycling

Over the past few years, IRFAK had developed an optimal production system for making excess human fatty tissue acquired by liposuction suitable for human consumption. This tissue has been acquired by IRFAK by means of donations. In this, IRFAK had the support of several international clinics which have a broad spectrum of liposuction treatments at their patients’ disposal. One of our business partners is Gerven en van Iersel Cosmetic Surgeons.

Highest priority at IRFAK is “to contribute essentially to solving the worldwide food problem, with the emphasis on making healthy nutrition accessible to everyone.” For our business partners supplying the liposuction fat the main goal is to reduce the costs of their waste disposal.

Of course strict safety precautions are being taken when processing the waste fatty tissue. By means of freezing, heating and treating the matter using UVC-light frequencies, a product consisting of 100 percent fat with a sterile percentage of 99,8 percent is being obtained.

That way, IRFAK guarantees a product that does not damage health and is free of any bacteria, viruses and possible residues of additional fluids used during the liposuction process by the clinics.


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