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IRFAK re-uses human fatty tissue. For you, its excess fat, we need it!
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In 2004, IRFAK started extensive research into the possibilities of developing one or more new food products based on re-using and/or upgrading waste human fatty tissue from liposuction treatments into food fit for human consumption.

The questions asked:
• Is it technically possible?
• If so, where does the main material come from, and is there enough supply?
• Is it ethically justified?
• Can we produce a palatable and healthy product?
• Is it ethically justified?
• Which is a favorable location for establishing the project?

Through diverse independent research it became clear quickly, that with all currently known and existing procedures for processing food and refining the liposuction fats, the matter could be cleared of any form of contamination, and a sterile purity of 99,8 % could be guaranteed.

A steady supply of waste liposuction fatty tissue without any problems turned out to be possible, coming from mainly (Northern) America and Western Europe. In these parts of the world, the number of corpulent people has doubled between 1981 and 2004. Our research shows that at present, 30 percent of the population in these areas could be a potential fat donor.

The last point – determining a start-up location for the company- still remained. While searching for a suitable location for IRFAK, three main criteria were set:
1. Enough supply of raw material
2. A political stabile region
3. Excellent infrastructure for transport over land and through air

Based upon these criteria, the choice for a larger municipality in The Netherlands, Western Europe was made. Modern industry is one of the main economic building bases of this city. The chosen city, Venlo, is a logistic centre and turntable for international distribution goods within Europe. The city is contiguous to Germany, and there are two international airports in close proximity; Düsseldorf International Airport and Airport Niederrhein/Weeze. Up until today, we are exceptionally pleased with the chosen place of residence and the close cooperation with the Venlo municipality.


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